Effective Management Communication Strategies

Effective Management Communication Strategies

Does your communication style match your leadship style? I have studied the different leadership styles and determined that I was a democratic or participative leader. When I can, I like to have the teams inputs to the decision on how to complete a task. This gives them a sense of ownership for the completed product. I feel that as an authoritian you have control and the workers are just minions who have no voice, and with a Laissez-Faire style of leadership, too much control is given up. When communicating your style of commonication must match your style of leadership. A manager that is hands off and allows a group to make their own decisions cannot communicate in an authoritian manner and expect the group to continue to work on their own, coming up with their own ways. At the same time a leader that is in total control of everything the group does, cannot not communicate to the group and expect them to know what he or she wants.

Being a participative leader I like to get the group together, solicit ideas, take notes, and come upon an agreed upon solution. I match my communication style to this and solicit inputs from others on the discussion, and only use an authoritian style of communication if the topic is getting out of hand or off subject.

Sometimes a mixture of communication styles may work though, and a lot of that has to do with the group that you working with. An inexperienced group will need someone to be authoritian in the way that they communicate. As they gain experience the communication style can change.

When I get new supervisors that work for me i sit them down and go over the expectations that we have for each other. I ensure that I communicate to them what I expect. A tools that I use are a dime and a quarter. I explain to them that one represents control and the other represents influence. I tell them that everything that fits into the quarter is what I control, and everything in the dime is what is influenced by my control. The goal, with time, is to switch the two around; I want to only control what is in the dime, and hope that once a good working relationship is made that the quarter is what I have influenced. This can only be completed by effective communication between both parties.