Personality and Leadership

This weeks lesson in my Effective Organizational Communications class got my mind turning on what personality types make better leaders. The lesson is “Public Presentation Strategies” and not everyone is comfortable at public presentation. Does this mean that they are not good leaders? I myself have been in a leadership position for about 15 years, at the beginning I could lead people; however, getting up and talking in front of others was not my cup of tea. I was effective as a leader, but taking my struggles and needs to upper management was difficult for me to do. As time has progressed and I was forced to talk in front of groups I become more comfortable at it, where now it is hard to shut me up at times. (only when I get on a roll) I am a mix between type A and type B. I can sit back and listen, and do most of the time. I beleive that communication to me is best understood when I spend more time listening. If I talk, that means it is important. But does our “type” mean anything? Do type A personalities overrun conversations and thus not know the true issues that their subordinates feel, and are Type B personalities to meek to help their subordinates? This is something I need to study more and see if their is any correlation… my findings to come soon.


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